41 minutes | Feb 3rd 2020

161: An Interview with David Cieslak CPA, aka Inspector Gadget!

David Cieslak, a CPA and frequent presenter on technology in the accounting world, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast. In this interview, we start with David’s early career as a staff accountant with Price Waterhouse, and then move into how he ventured into a partnership with previous colleagues and built an accounting practice.  Along the way as they built that practice, he realized that his true interest was in how technology could help companies run more efficiently, so they further developed that aspect of their offerings.  Fast forward 20+ years, and through a couple mergers David now serves as the Chief Cloud Officer for RKL eSolutions, a larger company that they merged with a few years ago.  In addition, for years he has been a speaker on various technology topics and very deservedly earned the nickname “Inspector Gadget”! You will thoroughly enjoy this story if you… Have an interest in how your accounting background can fast track you into a career involving the latest business technologies, or Have thought about how you could build your own company doing what you most enjoy. David was very open and generous with his insights in this episode.  I’m sure you will enjoy it. Other podcasts that may interest you will include:  Kurt Rathmann and Stephen King. To leave us feedback as mentioned in this episode, please click here. To listen in on this interview with David Cieslak, please use the player below.
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