45 minutes | Jan 27th 2020

160: From CPA to Mediator and Conflict Strategist – Dana Garnett

Dana Garnett, CPA turned mediator, speaker, and conflict strategist, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast. Listen in as Dana shares her career journey with us… Starting from a solid foundation with one of the major accounting firms, To 12 years with the multi-national Coca-Cola Company, Through her many roles with Coca-Cola, including several overseas, To taking an “early—out” package and eventually transitioning into her business now, The Mindful Strategy, a mediation and conflict resolution service If you have ever considered what opportunities may arise from a career with a global organization, or conversely are interested in how your accounting background can have benefit in other small business areas, this episode is for you. Other episodes that will interest you include:  Shanikwa Davis and Sandy Smith Leyva For publications that can help you in your career, make sure you visit our Books section. To listen in on this episode with Dana Garnett, please use the player below.
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