43 minutes | Jan 20th 2020

159: Bringing Leadership Back – An Interview with Bridget Kaigler

Bridget Kaigler, an accomplished state & local tax expert in the Louisiana area that is also making a difference in the area of helping emerging leaders grow, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast. In this interview, we cover how Bridget’s career journey… Started later than you may expect as she was a “non-traditional student”, needed to work to support herself early in life, To how she turned to accounting as a way to provide a better life for her young son and herself, To her entry into the SALT (state and local tax) field happened by accident, but was a blessing as well, Up through her creation of Bringing Leadership Back LLC, an entity she formed to help aspiring leaders grow their leadership skills This is a truly inspiring story, and I hope you take the time to listen to the whole interview.  Bridget worked hard to get where she is, with the help of a few friends of course.  But now she is working hard to help others grow as well.  You may even want to listen twice!  😊 Other episodes you may enjoy on similar topics will include:  Shanikwa Davis and Amanda Aguillard For other publications that can help you in your career, click here. To listen in on this episode with Bridget Kaigler, please use the player below:
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