48 minutes | Dec 16th 2019

156: Becoming a Super Auditor, & Helping Others Succeed – Sabine Charles

Sabine Charles in New York shares her story of starting as a French & Spanish major, to landing in internal audit, to now starting the audit function with a national educational institution!  Plus, Sabine helps others attain the professional certifications they desire through customized, strategic coaching programs.  We discuss all these topics, plus many more career insights, all on this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast. If you… Are or have been a “non-traditional student”, having come to accounting later in life, Or are thinking about a career in Internal Audit, Or have had difficulty, or think you will, getting the professional certification you desire, … then this episode is for you! To listen in on our interview with Sabine Charles, please use the player below. Other episodes you may enjoy will include:  Kelly Richmond-Pope and Mansour Farhat For the publication referenced in this episode, “49 Tips For A Successful Accounting Career”, click here. To listen in on this interview with Sabine Charles, please use the player below:
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