44 minutes | Dec 9th 2019

155: Jay Kimelman – The Digital CPA

Jay Kimelman, Founder of The Digital CPA, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast.  In this episode, we cover Jay’s career starting in industry accounting roles, through owning a nutritional business, and then to starting The Digital CPA and becoming an Ambassador for Xero. “Let’s take Accounting for fun” Jay shares the story of how he became interested in accounting early in the interview.  His uncle was a partner with one of the national accounting firms, so the field was always of interest to him.  He had the opportunity to take accounting in high school and get college credit for the class, so he and a few friends decided to “take it for fun”.  Per Jay, they were the “jokers” in the class, but obviously it worked out well for him.  He later eventually became a CPA, and fast forward a few years and he has founded several accounting-related businesses! The middle years Prior to starting The Digital CPA though, Jay learned more about business and technology integration through a few experiences in industry.  Jobs weren’t as plentiful in those years in our economy, so he got his first few opportunities through referrals.  However, these experiences have proven invaluable as they gave him the opportunity to take systems that were behind the times in private companies and increase efficiencies by implementing more current technology.  In addition, he was able to learn invaluable skills in the area of management along the way. The Digital CPA Around 2011 Jay went full-time in his Digital CPA business.  For over a decade before that he had done work in that area part-time, but the opportunity presented itself to devote all his efforts to that practice for a while and so he decided to go that route.  And it’s been a fun ride!  Jay does many things these days, including continuing to run The Digital CPA there in Orlando.  They focus on e-commerce clients, which is an area Jay has personal experience with.  In addition, he co-founded Bluewire Strategies with Amanda Aguillard in New Orleans.  Bluewire is a company that helps accounting firms integrate cloud technology for better efficiencies.  He also serves as a Xero Ambassador as well.  The mixture of all of these interests ensure that there never is a dull moment.  He truly seems to enjoy his career. If you find this episode interesting, please also check out the following:  Amanda Aguillard and Robin Thieme For the book mentioned in this episode, click here: “49 Tips For A Successful Accounting Career” To listen in on our conversation with Jay Kimelman, please use the player below.
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