38 minutes | Dec 2nd 2019

154: Rebroadcast of “How To Pass The CPA Exam – Tips from 5 Newly Certified CPAs!”

This week we revisit one of our most popular shows from 2018, “How To Pass The CPA Exam – Tips from 5 Newly Certified CPAs”. This episode was popular for many reasons.  First, all the participants were very recently certified at the time of the recording, so the efforts they went through to pass the CPA exam were still very fresh on their minds.  Consequently, the insight they share is invaluable for those looking to pass the CPA exam themselves. Secondly, the insight wasn’t just fresh, it was truthful.  Our newly-certified CPA guests were very transparent about how much time they truly had to devote to studying, as well as what they truly had to give up in their personal lives while pursuing the exam.  The sacrifices were temporary, but they definitely had to give up a few things in order to get their primary goal accomplished. And lastly, the insights our team shared are meaningful because passing the exam and becoming a CPA really does make a difference in your career and your life.  Although there were items that had to be sacrificed, none of our guests had any regrets.  All of them were pleased they made the choice to buckle down and get the exam passed.  CPA certification makes a difference no matter what area of accounting you work in. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.  And thank you to the guests as well!  We couldn’t do it without you. For additional career-related resources, please check out our publications by clicking here. To listen in on this episode, please use the player below.  
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