43 minutes | Aug 21, 2020

Thousands of NEW audience members PER blog post!

I used to create video content, put it on my personal Facebook timeline, and get a couple of hundred views (if lucky). Then as days would pass, I would see the number of views virtually stop climbing, as my video would slide down my timeline and into obscurity. All of that work, not to mention energy, to create a valuable piece of content for a few hundred people to see. Not to mention the fact that it did nothing for me except maybe help a few people (assuming they watched the entire video). What if I could figure out a way for that piece of content to not only live forever, but to also capture leads for me... forever. Well, I figured it out! In this episode, I will share with you exactly how I syndicate my content to 16 platforms, while collecting THOUSANDS of audience members from EACH piece of content that I publish.
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