72 minutes | Apr 22, 2020

Paul Revelia & Alex Bush on Being a Coach During a Pandemic | Life Beyond Fitness Ep.44

In today’s episode, I sit down with Paul and Alex and chat about what it looks like to be a coach during this time. We discuss strategies to implement, whether you are staying within striking distance of a show, or you are using this as a time to take a step back; we also discuss considerations and strategies that other coaches should be implementing to stay ahead of the curve and show up for their clients. For those of you who are coaches, please listen in as these are both guys who know how to get the job done. If you’re a competitor, there are many insights to be gained from this episode and this lines up well with last week’s episode with Sue and Chanel. Find Paul on the Internet: Instagram: @paulrevelia Website: https://prophysique.com Find Alex on the Internet: Instagram: @alexbush__ Website: https://www.physiquedevelopment.com Find Austin on the Internet: Instagram: @austincurrent_ Website: https://www.physiquedevelopment.com If you love the episode and would like to support the podcast, I would ask for you to please head over to iTunes or Apple Podcasts and leave me a 5-star review and tell a friend about the podcast. If you’re here from Instagram, share a screenshot of the podcast on your story — be sure to tag me @austincurrent_. Enjoy the conversation! ---- Produced by: David Margittai | In Post Media Website: https://www.inpostmedia.com/ Email: david@inpostmedia.com © 2020 Austin Current
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