70 minutes | Apr 29th 2020

Kasey Jo Orvidas, Ph.D. & Miranda Card on Psychology of Stress, Willpower, & Self-Compassion | Life Beyond Fitness Ep.45

In today’s episode, I sit down with two intelligent women who are blazing their own paths in the fitness space. Kasey and Miranda are two coaches that I highly respect and who have been spreading the education of psychology related to exercise and diet over the past 6-12 months.

We discuss things like: stress as a killer of willpower, discipline without self-compassion breeding guilt, and finding a happy medium.

For those who listened to the past episodes, this one is a great in-direct part 3 that will help build upon what was discussed in Episode 43 & Episode 44.

Find Kasey Jo on the Internet:

Instagram: @coachkaseyjo

Stress School: https://www.sammillerscience.com/stress-school

Find Miranda on the Internet:

Instagram: @mirandalcard

Coaching: Shaped by Science, LLC

Find Austin on the Internet:

Instagram: @austincurrent_

Website: https://www.physiquedevelopment.com

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Enjoy the conversation!


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