12 minutes | Jan 30, 2018

#23 - Taylor Swift & The Power of Partnership

Taylor Swift is, by very definition, a game changer. Her multi-genre style, the creativity in her lyrics and the special relationship she has with her fans have all transformed the music industry. Swift’s most dedicated fans (also known as “Swifties”) feel like they have an intimate bond with the star – and that’s not by coincidence. It’s the basis for her popularity and the crux of AT&T’s partnership with the star and her mega-loyal following. Those partnerships result in exclusive content from the artists and unique and unforgettable experiences for the artists’ fans – experiences that deepen their connection with both the star and our products and services. In this episode of the Life@AT&T, Karyn Spencer, VP of AT&T’s “Hello Lab” team takes us behind the scenes and describes how our celebrity partnerships are developed and how fanning the flames of fandom helps AT&T build brand love.
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