28 minutes | Jun 5, 2019

Stonehenge and Grave Robbers

Stonehenge.  It's the biggest henge we've seen.  Know you of any better henge?  No.  Didn't think so.  Stonehenge is the BEST henge.  Whether you're Indiana Jones or Rocky Cliffington McStonelover, we reckon you'll struggle to chisel this fact from the fiction.   Then, as if that ancient mystery isn't enough, how about a little dabble with grave robbing?  Often done in duos - who's the first one to bring the subject up - bit of a risk isn't it?  Ancient Egypt, Burke and Hare and the resurrection men.  There's a fact in there, but it'll take some digging!   Come and join us on this weekly comedy (clean) gameshow podcast.  You'll have a lovely old time.  
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