26 minutes | Aug 7, 2019

Gandhi and The Industrial Revolution

This week sees peaceful, circus strongman-faced Mahatma Gandhi up against the whirring and whistling, soot and smog, and all round alliteration of The Industrial Revolution.   Gandhi. Salt-marcher, peaceful protester and Churchill-baiter.  But underneath that simple robe beat the heart of a London-chiselled lawyer who may, once, have served food to Adolf Hitler.   Then it's the Industrial Revolution that'll tar your inner ears.  Did Dickens really ply guttersnipes with alcohol for their stories?  Would you even say Dickens wrote during the Industrial Revolution?  Ask Paul! Can you guess the cunning links?   A clean, safe for work British comedy podcast - give it a go on your ears. Find the chaps on Twitter & Instagram - @Liehardshow      
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