17 minutes | Feb 11th 2015

LMT Episode 04 - 10 Oracle Negotiation Myths

News Roundup and one of our most popular articles "10 Oracle Negotiation Myths" Oracle CEO issues warning to competitors Mark Hurd, Oracle’s CEO was very bullish about the future of Oracle in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street”, given on Thursday the 29th January. CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street“ The interview on CNBC.com can be found on this link http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000350362 In the interview Mark Hurd talks about his Cloud strategy, providing best of breed SaaS solutions for Marketing Automation, Human Capital Management in their own right as well as suites of applications. Larry Ellison CTO announces the new generation of Engineered Systems – Exadata X5 On January 21st Oracle’s CTO Larry Ellison presented Oracle’s strategy for reducing customer costs and increasing value with a new generation of engineered systems, including Oracle’s new Virtual Compute Appliance X5, Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System, and sixth-generation Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5. Software licensing trends present significant risks for unprepared businesses Oklahoman Published: February 1, 2015 I came across this very interesting article in the Oklahoman. Drew T. Palmer, an Oklahoma attorney with Crowe & Dunlevy’s Intellectual Property group, explains some pitfalls for businesses in licensing. Oracle and Samsung joining forces for mobile cloud collaboration? The Korean Times reported a meeting between Oracles’ CEO Mark Hurd and Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-Kyun. 10 Oracle Negotiation Myths – Part 1 Myth – “A widely held but false belief or idea.” In the Oracle eco-system a number of myths and misconceptions have grown up around purchasing from Oracle. These are myths I’ve heard from talking to customers regularly. Perhaps you also know a few you can share. Here are our top 10 Myths: My company is too small to get a good discount. Oracle say their products lines are not connected and won’t give me discount across all products. Oracle say I need to buy a ULA to solve a non compliance. I am told I can’t have products on a price hold that I have not bought. I want to do an annual true up like Microsoft but told I can’t. I want to buy licences using a non standard metric. I am told if I don’t buy this quarter the discount agreed will go. If I wait to the end of the quarter I will get a better deal. If I buy through a partner I will pay more. I can’t decrease my support and maintenance below 22%.
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