39 minutes | Jul 10, 2018

#16 Collectors, Keepers, and a Kitchen Sister

This episode of Library Bytegeist is all about collectors and keepers. The people who go through life gathering and capturing and saving things. First up, we have a short story by Sarah Esocoff about Collector’s Night in NYC (minute 2:38 - 9:56). Then, we have an interview Nikki Silva, one half of a radio duo known as the Kitchen Sisters (minute 10:40 - 38:18). The Kitchen Sisters have produced hundreds of stories for NPR and other public radio programs. In this interview, Nikki breaks down how she and Davia Nelson find and use archival audio, and how they became accidental archivists in the process. The Kitchen Sisters are launching a new series called “The Keepers,” and they’re looking for stories about archivists, librarians, and curators. You can call The Keepers Hotline at 415-496-9049 and listen to their work on their podcast, "The Kitchen Sisters Present," part of Radiotopia's collective of independent producers. Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ejXGbKPEMWnAAIYF_-JuCWZlDpGkalbcg1yIkQX4RcE/edit?usp=sharing Hosted and Produced by Molly Schwartz Audio Mastering by Dalton Harts Music and Soundtracks: Opening track: “Magic” by Otis MacDonald from the YouTube Audio Library “Letter to Louie" by Mrs. B, a home recording from the Kitchen Sisters “The Road Ranger” by The Kitchen Sisters for NPR: http://www.kitchensisters.org/stories/early-work/ "The Legend of Ernest Morgan" by The Kitchen Sisters for NPR: https://soundcloud.com/kitchensisters/the-legend-of-ernest-morgan "An Unexpected Kitchen: The George Foreman Grill" by The Kitchen Sisters on "The Kitchen Sisters Present" podcast, part of Radiotopia: http://www.kitchensisters.org/fugitivewaves/george-foreman/ "Tennessee Williams: The Pennyland Recordings" by The Kitchen Sisters on "The Kitchen Sisters Present" podcast, part of Radiotopia: https://soundcloud.com/fugitivewaves/tennessee-williams-the-pennyland-recordings "First Day of School, 1960, New Orleans" by The Kitchen Sisters on "The Kitchen Sisters Present" podcast, part of Radiotopia: http://www.kitchensisters.org/present/first-day-of-school-1960-new-orleans/ The Keepers, a new Kitchen Sisters series coming to NPR’s Morning Edition, June 2018: http://www.kitchensisters.org/keepers/ Closing track: "A Gentleman" by Podington Bear from the Free Music Archive Tools used to record this podcast: The audio booth at METRO: bit.ly/MetroAudio RE20 microphone: www.electrovoice.com/product.php?id=91 oTranscribe: otranscribe.com/ Reaper: www.reaper.fm/ Izotope: www.izotope.com/en/products/repai…plug-in-pack.html
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