8 minutes | Jun 22, 2017

#10 Talking Libraries in the EU with Ilona Kish

Ilona Kish is the program director of Reading & Writing Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. She stopped by METRO's offices on June 21, 2017 to give a talk about the initiatives she has led to harmonize library lobbying efforts in the EU. We had a quick chat about some of the topics she covered, including the importance of getting MEPs into the library and some of her favorite libraries in Europe. ools used to record this podcast: Blue Yeti microphone: www.bluemic.com/products/yeti/ Transcribe: transcribe.wreally.com/app Reaper: www.reaper.fm/ Izotope: www.izotope.com/en/products/repai…plug-in-pack.html Music and Soundtracks: Opening track: “Magic” by Otis MacDonald Closing track from the Free Music Archive: "All the Colors in the World" by Podington Bear http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Podington_Bear/Indie_Folk/All_The_Colors_In_The_World
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