90 minutes | Jul 28, 2021

Second Print Comics - Nick Fury's Original Sin

Has it been a year already?! Apparently it has, as SPC hits it’s 52nd episode, and we circle back to one of the first characters we looked at way back in episode #2 – one Nicholas J. Fury. In 2014 good old “David Hasselhoff Nick Fury” had been shunted to the side in the Marvel continuity for his younger, blacker counterpart, “Samuel Jackson Nick Fury”, but Marvel wasn’t quite done with the character just yet. Instead, they gave us this 8 issue mini-series and 17 million spinoffs, as characters across the MCU have their deepest, darkest secrets revealed after The Watcher is murdered and his eyes are stolen, containing all the world’s secrets! If it sounds absurd that’s because it is, but if you think that’s out there, just wait until you find out what “sins” ‘old Nick Fury has secretly been up to all these years. Marc and Remso dig into all the sordid details as they battle their way through Marvel’s “Original Sin!”
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