31 minutes | Nov 15th 2018

EP86: What is the Free State Project?

0:00 Ashe Oro: You're listening to the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast, episode 86, What is the Free State Project? Let's go. 0:19 Ashe Oro: Hey, so what's up, everyone? Welcome to the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast. I've got on the show today a very interesting guy who I've known for a couple years, and he's actually a client of Liberty Virtual Assistants. We got Rodger Paxton. He is on the board of the Free State Project in New Hampshire, which is the reason that I brought him on, but he's also the producer of PorcFest. If my libertarian audience knows what PorcFest is, this is one of the key guys that creates PorcFest for you, and he's the founder and host of The LAVA Flow Podcast, which is part of the Pax Libertas Productions Network. Rodger, welcome to Liberty Entrepreneurs. 0:58 Rodger Paxton: Thanks for having me, Ashe. It's great to connect. 1:00 Ashe Oro: Yeah. Rodger, let's just get started here. What is the Free State Project, and how did you hear about it? 1:07 Rodger Paxton: The Free State Project was started, oh, goodness, about 15 years ago, I guess, now as a ... It was a thesis that Jason Sorens was doing for one of his degrees and was basically an idea of bringing a bunch of libertarians, 20,000, to one small state so they could centralize their activism, their voting, whatever libertarians can do to make that state the freest state in the country, possibly, and exert the maximum effort that they could to make that happen. 1:38 Rodger Paxton: It started, like I said, about 15 years ago. They looked at 10 different states. New Hampshire won the vote, and so then people started moving here almost immediately 10 or 12 years ago, matter of fact, I know several people who have been here for 10 years. I first found out about it in 2010 I believe it was, at the National Libertarian Party Convention. They had a booth there, of all things, and my wife and I were talking to the folks, and I'm for Arkansas. I'm from the deep South. 2:08 Ashe Oro: Right. 2:08 Rodger Paxton: I'm from hot, humid. That's what I love, right? I thought, "There's no way I'm ever going to move to New Hampshire. It snows, and it's cold." I didn't think about it for years, and then after being the chairman of the Libertarian Party for a while and banging my head against that wall, I realized, I've got to do something different. Something has to change. 2:26 Ashe Oro: Yes. 2:27 Rodger Paxton: We started looking at it again. Three years ago, actually, next week will be our three-year anniversary we moved up here, and I've loved being here. It's been amazing journey. 2:36 Ashe Oro: I believe you're a Ron Paul as well, likewise. I remember him saying back in the 2008 election cycle this concept of vote with your feet. What does that mean, and how does the Free State Project tie into that? Contact Info: Email: rodger@paxlibertas.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paxlibertasproductions/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PaxLibertasPro https://www.fsp.org/Join/ Podcast Resources: Free State Project: https://www.fsp.org/Join/ PAX Libertas Productions: https://paxlibertas.com/about/ The LAVA Flow Podcast: https://thelavaflow.com/
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