50 minutes | Oct 25th 2018

EP85 - Take Control of Your Blockchain Identity w/ Scatter

Ashe Oro: Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to the Liberty Entrepreneurs podcast. I'm your host, Ashe Oro, and today on the show, we've got Nathan James. You probably don't know who that is, but he's also known as N.S. James. He's the founder of Scatter, which manages signatures, identity, reputation, and your security on blockchains, including Ethereum; EOS, my favorite; recently, Tron; and possibly Bitcoin in the future. Ashe Oro: Nathan, thanks for joining us. Nathan James: Thank you for having me. Ashe Oro: Everyone in the EOS community knows who you are, but just in case they've been living under a rock for the past six months or so, who are you and how did you find the whole blockchain thing? Nathan James: Well, I'm Nathan James. That's who I am, right? Ashe Oro: Or are you N. S. James? Nathan James: Or am I N. S. James? I don't even know anymore. [crosstalk 00:00:53] handles. Ashe Oro: The programmer formerly known as. Nathan James: Yes, the programmer formerly known as Nathan. I'm just a programmer who likes the idea of blockchain, loves the idea of blockchain. You know, there's a thing in blockchain where, once you get it into your head, you just can't sleep anymore. All you do is dream is about blockchain and I think that it's really true. It is. I haven't slept since EOS was launched, but when I do sleep, I sleep of blockchain. Ashe Oro: I was going to say, "In like five years." Nathan James: Yeah, in like five years. Exactly. Ashe Oro: So what is Scatter? In your own words, what is it? Nathan James: A lot of people seem to focus on its single sign-on aspect, but that's the smallest part of it. Scatter is a multi-blockchain key protector. It allows you to sign things on the blockchain without ever exposing your key to the thing that you're signing it on, so applications, desktops, games, whatever. It helps you protect yourself. That's its first and foremost goal. Nathan James: Now, we're starting to also add identity on top of that. We're starting to add reputation on top of that. Single sign-on is a byproduct of the identity and reputation. You can log into applications locally without having to give up your information to Facebook, Google, Twitter, whatever. Ashe Oro: I know that this started and you're big in the EOS community, but why did you also decide to support these other chains like Ethereum, Tron, and I think possibly, Bitcoin? Nathan James: It goes back to what we're fighting, right? We're not fighting Ethereum as EOSers. We're not fighting Tron as Ethereumers. We're fighting banks, we're fighting governments. It's hard to say that on camera, right? We're fighting FICO scores. We're trying to fight centralized components. Fighting between us, between other blockchains, isn't constructive. It's not helpful. Nathan James: I've taken a very agnostic approach with Scatter and we're just going to add all the blockchains. It will allow us to do amazing things in the future. Ashe Oro: And why did you start developing Scatter on EOS and for that community specifically? Full show notes here: https://www.libertyentrepreneurs.com/podcasts/episode85-take-control-of-your-blockchain-identity-w/-scatter CONTACT INFO: Website: https://get-scatter.com/ Email: nsjames@get-scatter.com Telegram: https://t.me/Randomnobody PODCAST RESOURCES: Twitter : https://twitter.com/get_scatter YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/grandmoren1
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