77 minutes | Oct 2nd 2018

EP84: Putting the User First, Why MetalPay is Focusing on the Experience

The user experience in crypto stinks. Metal Pay is building consumer apps that you actually want to use. 0:00:00 Ashe Oro: Hey what's up, Liberty Nation? Welcome back to Liberty Entrepreneurs podcast. I'm your host, Ashe Oro, and today, we've got Marshall Hayner. He is the CEO and founder of Metal, which is basically like a crypto Venmo. They're a payments company that bridges the crypto payments with the legacy financial system. This hits near and dear to my heart. As you know, I was in the banking industry for a couple years, so I expect a great conversation today. Marshall, welcome to Liberty Entrepreneurs. 0:00:31 Marshall Hayner: Thanks for having me on, Ashe. 0:00:32 Ashe Oro: Yeah, so fill in the gaps here of who you are, what your bio is, and how you got into crypto. 0:00:38 Marshall Hayner: Yeah, so my background is, I'm one of these early crypto people. I happened to be lucky enough to stumble on it, in the very beginning in 2009, and part of that was because of my interest in decentralized technology, and just being a geek, looking for things to play with on the internet. And when I was growing up, when I was in high school, when I was going off to college, I was living during the Napster time. Napster was the cool, hot new thing, and then from there, direct connect in college, and Limewire, Kazaa, [inaudible 00:01:15] those that remember it. And then BitTorrent. BitTorrent was so cool, it just blew my mind. 80% of all internet traffic is routed through this decentralized system. And what I thought was really cool was it was harder to censor, so it made journalism in different parts of the world much more possible. It allowed people to share files that they couldn't normally, or just share them more efficiently and faster. And I could see, this is where the internet is going. We're going to become this decentralized system, and the more we decentralize, the more power we give to people, and that just blew my mind. And so I became obsessed. Guest Contact Info: Twitter: https://twitter.com/marshallhayner Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marshall.hayner Podcast Resources: Website: https://www.metalpay.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metalpaysme Twitter: https://twitter.com/metalpaysme Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalpaysme
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