59 minutes | Sep 13th 2018

EP83: Why you need a “Digital Lifestyle Business” NOW!

Ashe Oro: 00:00 What's up and welcome back to the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast. I'm your host, Ashe Oro, and we've got a return guest today, Kevin Geary. He's the founder of sixfiguregrind.com and most recently The 250,000 Society. I think he calls The 250k Society. Welcome back to Liberty Entrepreneurs, Kevin. Kevin Geary: 00:20 Thanks for having me. Glad to be here. Ashe Oro: 00:21 Yeah. Listeners will recognize Kevin from episode 70 where we talk about everything you know about food is wrong, but I had to get Kevin back on the show because there's this concept of a digital lifestyle business that he's been promoting on social media and on his podcasts and on his websites, and it really clicks with me, someone who's a digital entrepreneur and nomad and loves the idea of build a business that takes care of you and your family, and you don't have to build the next Microsoft or Apple. Ashe Oro: 00:52 Kevin, can you give us a brief background of who you are and what is the Six Figure Grind? Kevin Geary: 00:59 That is my current mission is to help anybody who's interested. If you're out there listening and you have some entrepreneurial blood inside you, and you want to take advantage of what I see as the biggest opportunity of the history of the human race really when you look at it. The ability to build an online lifestyle business like you just said takes care of yourself and your family yet you don't have to go to the length of building some massive thing that has a bunch of risks and that you need venture capital for and all of this other stuff. CONTACT INFO: Twitter: https://twitter.com/thekevingearyFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/thekevinmgeary Podcast Resources: Website: https://sixfiguregrind.com
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