52 minutes | Feb 25, 2020

Level Up with Paden Hughes

**About Paden Hughes:** Paden Hughes is the Co-CEO of Gymnazo and one of the founders of Gymnazo Media. At an early age, Paden found a passion for identifying talent and developing those around her to believe in their natural abilities and to rise up as a leader and change maker. She spent the last decade studying and mentoring under some of the best business minds, obsessing over how to run a successful business without losing the heart of the mission. She is a problem solver and loves pushing those around her to achieve great outcomes. She uses these skills daily to set goals for Gymnazo and lead the team to achieve these. She is our business leader, the one who keeps the business on track, the team inspired and accountable to results. Paden’s mission is to empower and educate trainers to build rock solid businesses to give them the freedom and prosperity they deeply desire. For more info and access to all the amazing work Paden and Gymnazo do check out: * fitnesstrainersecrets.com * gymnazo.com * gymnazomedia.com
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