94 minutes | Apr 7th 2019

admiralty law/ maritime law

Level one woke podcast, 'the first step to waking up' Join us on our 3rd eye opening quest for information and knowledge Episode #3 Admiralty law/maritime law A birth certificate is an American bank note. Just like your birth certificate, your driver's license and any other Federal or state documents your name is written in all caps. the court systems have no jurisdiction over the natural person, so they trick you into agreeing to represent the corporate you(strawman) That's why your name is written in all capitals. Even though you, as a citizen, are considered property of the corporate government, it has no jurisdiction over you as a living man or woman. However, if you agree to be a citizen 'person'/strawman of the corporate government, then it Does have jurisdiction over you. By signing and submitting your birth certificate at birth you are unknowingly lowering your status from a natural person with unalienable rights to that status of a corporation/strawman.#LevelOneWokePodcast #FreeUs#StayWoke #AdmiraltyLaw#MaritimeLaw
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