77 minutes | Jan 15, 2021

"Running From and To His Calling" T.J. McKnight Jr. (Dedicated to the memory of Yvette McKnight and Maurel Domingo)

As a young boy, T.J. knew he was called to preach. His mother, his dreams, and even a grocery store clerk, spoke these words into his ears.  And he ran from this calling, like Jonah. For a season.  Through the love of a once-in-a-lifetime friendship, and the gentle love of a Mother, God moved in his heart and life so much, that he is no longer running from, but running to his calling.  And it is a beautiful thing to behold.  One Faith.This episode is dedicated to the memory of his beautiful Mama, Yvette McKnight, his loving friend, Maurel Domingo, and his loving wife, kids, family, and church family.  Eph. 4:5- "One Lord, one faith one baptism."website: https://linktr.ee/onefaith?fbclid=IwAR2i3gYZwOzgpxQ4zEtg6BimmFTFcl8NKkMHSnbAEGQSD-6DPK4_8czRBXYemail:tlmcknight.jr@gmail.comTopics Shared:Happy childhoodHolt Elementary Durham, N.C. Step TeamMom diagnosed with lung cancer His Mom's lung cancer diagnosisSalvationMom healed  Low self-esteem Teenage depression & mental healthBarton College MinistryDeath of his friendsMaurel DomingoPreaching his friend's funeralComplete life changeHis call to ministryA hospital miracleA last conversationHis mother's passingLost and foundA Call to MinistryA new beginningThe Church of God in ChristBreakthrough Ministries The Church of God in Christ  Temptations Christmas Album T.J. Quotes:"One of my favorite rappers, KB, he said 'King David , after he sinned, limped all the way to glory. I resonate with that.""He said 'why are you doing this? you are better than this'...he took my drink that I had and threw it away and said, 'I don't want to see you with another drink at this party'...""When I was on the floor crying my heart out... and just really struggling and depressed... I remember hearing a still small voice whisper in my ear, saying 'get up, everything is going to be alright'...and immediately I stopped crying... and I got up.. and I said to God..."References:Rapper KB, King David Kurt Franklin "The Last Jesus" -------------------------------------------------------------------For more inspiring stories:https://lettersfromhomepodcast.com/*FREE APP* Letters From Home Podcast has its own downloadable app., with all of our episodes in one easy place.  Search our podcast name in the Apple APP store, and in the Google Play store. All free!We would love to support you in prayer.lfhpodcast@gmail.comTo join our Facebook Group for bonus live stories and convos:https://www.facebook.com/groups/3475957805750898For one splashy bright monthly Letters From Home Newsletterhttps://lettersfromhomepodcast.com/newsletter/ Ways to help Letters From Home make better content & and reach more people: here are our prayer requests & a giving link:https://lettersfromhome.com/support/We r on Instagram, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon, Google, Alexa, iHeartRadio and all of the places podcasts live :)... all you need to do is type in ‘Letters From Home Podcast’ and it should pop right up.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=32455563" data-patreon-widget-type="become-patron-button">Become a Patron!
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