41 minutes | Sep 11th 2020

Achieving Financial Freedom in 11 Months with Tyler Sheff

If you learn one thing from this show today, it is that achieving financial freedom is possible at any age and at any stage of your life. 

Here are some things you need to think about though.

First of all, what does financial freedom mean to you?   Have you clearly defined what that looks like for you?  If you have, do you have a plan for achieving financial freedom? 

If you don’t, you’re definitely going to want to listen to this show.  My guest today is Florida investor, Tyler Sheff of the popular Cash Flow Guys Podcast. Tyler is a buy and holds landlord that specializes in small, multi-family properties. 

Tyler is going to tell you how he got seriously achieved financial freedom in just 11 months. You’re also going to learn why it’s never too late to start your journey to financial freedom through real estate.


Show Notes

Here are some of the highlights of this show: 

  • How Tyler got started in real estate
  • His business model and why it works for him
  • Tyler’s definition of financial freedom
  • The “ah-ha” moment when he realized achieving financial freedom was possible much faster than he originally thought it was
  • Building a runway; creating a timeline to get out of the rat race
  • The steps he took to pay off his debt
  • How he decided the amount of money he needed to live comfortably, and why you may not need as much as you think 
  • Why achieving financial freedom is possible even for someone even 50, 60 years old (and beyond) through real estate
  • The systems Tyler put in place so that his business continues to run without him
  • Tyler’s advice for anyone that wants to create their freedom plan


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