30 minutes | Oct 3, 2021

Ep 246: How Do You Keep The Faith with Dr. Samuel Thomas

As we pray and ask God to intervene in our lives, sometimes in our lives, sometimes we see miraculous breakthrough. But often either nothing happens or we experience the very opposite of what we were praying. In times like this, many people walk away from their faith. How are we to keep our faith in Jesus when things go so wrong? I posed this question to Dr. Samuel Thomas of Hopegivers. Dr. Thomas is no stranger to suffering, as his life of service to the orphan, widow, and unreached of India has lead to assassination attempts, jail, and sorrow upon sorrow. Hear Dr. Thomas’ inspiring answer, given from a perspective forged in the fire of trusting Jesus when you have nothing else to cling to.   Dr. Samuel Thomas is known throughout India as a leading humanitarian. As president and CEO of Hopegivers, Dr. Thomas helps connect those with a ministry heart in the western world with those in greatest need in India and South Asia. The ministry of Hopegivers, started by Dr. Thomas’ father M.A. Thomas, has planted over 90,000 churches and cared for more than 10,000 orphan in the last sixty years. Dr. Samuel, along with his wife Shelly, have two sons, Timothy and Stephen.   Resources Mentioned: • The Stories of Hope with Dr. Samuel Thomas Podcast - https:// podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stories-of-hope-with-dr-samuel-thomas/ id1545599796 • www.hopegivers.org • LPOP 206: The Child of a Murderer Becomes and Orphan Leader https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lets-parent-on-purpose-with-jayholland/id1190973394?i=1000503590306 
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