66 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

Let's get you a job in a Creative Agency

Welcome to the latest episode, which is also the last in the series. We've loved talking to all our guests this year and it's been an honour to help so many 2020 graduates.
But it's not over yet.....this week we're exploring how to help you get a job in a creative agency - whether that's in a marketing or advertising agency.
Our first guest is Matthew Augier, who started his career in marketing agencies in London and six years ago made the move to Dubai, to pursue his dream of working and living abroad. 
 We also catch up with two incredible graduates, Alastair Milne and Paloma Gardiner who have set in their own advertising agency, called GUAP (Give Us A Placement),  in order to stand out to prospective employers in the face of a pandemic. 

Finally, we chat to Jenny Stallard, from Freelance Feels, a mental health platform which gives tips and advice to people working for themselves, where we explore ways students can navigate job rejection and ways to stay motivated whilst searching for jobs
 Show notes
 Matt's recommendations:
Amy Cuddy - Ted Talk

Life's a pitch -
by Roger Mavity and Stephen Bayley

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants - by Malcom Gladwell

Other  links:

Ali and Paloma's agency - https://www.guap-creative-studios.com

Jenny Stallard's Freelance Feels platform - https://www.freelancefeels.com/
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We'll see you next year for series two :)


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