48 minutes | May 7th 2020

Unusual Enlightenment

Unusual Enlightenment I am in awe at the power of story. It’s clear that our brains are designed to extract and process knowledge through story. When tis art is executed in an effective way the storyteller can transfer an incredible amount of awareness. This is why I’m drawn to music and movies. They pack a phenomenal punch, able to slide complex ideas, stealthily pass the sub consciousness. Groundbreaking would be a great compound adjective to describe the process of weaving multiple layers of meaning in a movie. This method of story has the ability to shake ones system of beliefs, often tightly held beliefs. In this episode 7 ‘Unusual Enlightenment’ I take two powerful movies ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Lyman Frank Baums and ‘The Matrix’ The Wachowskis, and really strive to peel back the hidden meaning written in the script. Get ready to see these movies with new eyes. As I have taken the time to tease out the hidden meaning so cleverly layered into the movies plot. I hope you enjoy the trip down the rabbit’s hole! Stay woke family. Like all good stories there are similar themes running running through them. Here are a few consistent themes… ·      They are both based in what Joseph Campbell termed the Hero’s Journey·      They start with a dream like state, or dreams are a dominant part of the story·      Both main characters are on a path seeking Enlightenment·      There is a play on good and evil·      One level just appears to be entertainment ·      The goal is a complete knowledge of self ·      They both has guides along the way  
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