41 minutes | May 13th 2020

Self Styled Wisdom

SELF STYLED WISDOM This Activity we call life, presents many challenges. We often identify these challenges as the struggle. Struggle is ordained for any creature that is born into the light of the sun. Well in lieu of this reality nothing is more essential to our consistent success than having a true and thorough knowledge of self. Without this foundation we would lack the internal GPS, the map that instinctively guides us to our next move. Well in this episode 8 “Self Styled Wisdom” we build on how to connect with the whole, while playing our part. Being self- aware exposes your duty to unfold the potential that’s inside of you, because the whole depends on it. You will walk away from these magnetic waves bursting from the seams with an inspirational spark! Ready to create, and build your next monument of greatness? Well Let’s Build! Key Take Away ·      We can all use a reminder·      Discover how pins were placed in your mental construct·      What is a savage·      What role culture plays in success·      How does nature self regulate·      What makes cancerous cells·      What being warm blooded tells us·      How food can kill or extend our life·      Power of an aura 
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