31 minutes | Apr 15th 2020

No Evidence for Doubt

Attention Universal Listeners! Those who have an appetite for conscious mental, spiritual, and emotional stimulation. We are back and stronger than ever! In this episode we lay down a strong foundation that the macro and micro universe has a Supreme Architect! We travel through the ethers dispelling theory's like 'The Big Bang' and Charles Darwin 'Evolution'. Our aim is constant elevation and ascending into our highest truth. We aim to discover, uncover, and activate our fullest potential. Well in order to achieve that we must begin with the wisdom of the Supreme Being! This requires that we go deep within, and identify the author of all creation. No Evidence for Doubt regardless to you position on God will not disappoint. It grabs you right from the start and never releases you until the cosmic explosion at the end! Enjoy and please take a second to leave a comment. Also you can find us at https://www.rashonfuller.com 
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