44 minutes | Apr 29th 2020

Manufactured Scarcity

“Manufactured Scarcity” I can think of very few things that has more gravitational attracting powers on our life than money. What our mental construct is regarding money can determine our altitude. It’s important to note here when I speak of money I am referring to the spiritual as aspect of money that assigns true value. Scarcity is a noun, meeting the criteria by being both a place and a thing.  When we speak of a scarcity mindset we are identifying a mental geographical location or place. In this episode “Manufactured Scarcity” we explore how so many people end up with scarce resources. According to the World Bank Group 36% of the worlds population is in extreme poverty, and close to half the 8 billion people population live on less than $2.50 a day. If we assign responsibility of poverty to a impoverished or scarcity mindset then that mindset is an epidemic of huge proportions; that or there is a hidden hand.  An intentional manufacturing if you will, an environment that promotes Scarcity thinking for the benefit of a few. This deeply penetrating show dives down deep to uncover the mysterious fate of the population. ·      TAKE AWYS·      WHAT IS THE MYSTICAL POWERS OF MONEY·      ARE THE RICH 1% GOOD·      WHY HALF THE EARTH POPULATION LIVES BELOW THE POVERTY LINE·      ORIGINAL BARTERING SYSTEM·      WHAT GIVES US OUR VALUE·      MONEY VS CURRENCY ·      WHAT IS SCARCITY MINDSET·      WHARE DOES GOLD COME FROM·      MONEY AND IT’S SPIRITUAL UNDERTONE·      WHAT IS THE SYMBOLISM OF MONEY·      MONEY & ENERGY CONNECTION·      ABUNDANCE & SCARCITY·      QE QUANTITATIVE EASING 
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