35 minutes | May 27th 2020

A Twist Of Epigenetics

A Twist On Epigenetics Why should anyone have to be tormented by a group of phenotype chemical markers that suggest to them they are alcoholic even though they have never taken a drink? Ok so maybe their father suffered with this disease but should the offspring have to endure the inherited condition. Well in this world of indoctrinations and self-limiting belief systems, adding a bad gene pool to that mix is enough so send some over the deep end! This is why I found the relatively new science of Epigenetics to be incredibly exciting. In this episode this explosive science is unpacked with twist from the usual discussions on the topic hence ‘A Twist Of Epigenetics.’ I think you will find the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as the power and possibilities of Epigenetics are revealed. This subject is very befitting to the symbolism of 9 as in episode 9 Here are a few take-away1.  What is Epigenetics and why does it matter2.  How training fleas and humans are similar3.  What is a phenotype4.  Nature vs. Nurture5.  How we are what our grandmother ate6.  Similarities between Epigenetics and Subconscious Mind7.  How your perception of reality can shape your reality, and the gene expression in your offspring8.  Why DNA mutation is irreversible plus examples of gene mutations
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