59 minutes | Sep 7, 2021

Richard Sheridan | Let Them Lead Episode 2

Let Them Lead is a podcast about the risks and rewards of leading today.I’m John Bacon, author of the book, LET THEM LEAD: Unexpected Lessons in Leadership from America’s Worst High School Hockey Team, which led to this podcast. On Let Them Lead we talk to remarkable leaders from every field imaginable –automotive, computers, food service, education, and athletics, to name a few – and they share their hard-won wisdom, amazing stories, and a few laughs. You’ll learn a few things you can use tomorrow, and others you can think about the rest of your life. We always finish with three take-aways, and a discussion of their favorite teacher. In the words of my fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Pudduck, it’s fast, fun, and we get it done. So please join us for an entertaining and  inspiring discussion. You’ll be glad you did. For info about the book or this podcast please visit our website:http://www.letthemleadbybacon.comhttp://www.johnubacon.comYou can connect with John via these platforms:https://www.facebook.com/johnubaconhttps://twitter.com/Johnubacon This week's guest is Richard Sheridan. When Richard speaks to MBA students, he tells them that their careers will really start after they’ve been fired the first time. This gets their attention – and it got ours. It happened to Sheridan when he was 43, with a wife and three young daughters,  and he got the call that his software company would be eliminating his position.  But from that low point came his best idea: Menlo Innovations, a completely different kind of software company, one they founded on an almost foreign concept: joy – joy for the creators, the users, and the sponsors. “Joy is the goal,” he says, and the high customer satisfaction, low turnover, and strong profits, happy byproducts. Almost everything your company probably does, Menlo does the opposite. Connect with Richard:https://www.linkedin.com/in/menloprez/https://twitter.com/menloprez?lang=enhttps://richardsheridan.com/
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