52 minutes | Feb 23rd 2021

Ep215: Objects of Desire with Karle Gwen of The Ladies of Metal Show

On this revealing 215th episode of LMAYAQ featuring Karle Gwen from The Ladies of Metal Show (podcast), Host Anthony asks: Can clothes be sexually attractive on their own terms or do they need a wearer to be sexually attractive? Do you ever wear an outfit or undergarment to feel more confident? Is mystery part of the appeal or are known troupes the driving factor of “sexy?” Joined by Moot.tv regulars Producer EJ and Co-Host the Gregaman, expect some sushi drawers on this episode of Let Me Ask You A Question!  For more with Karle Gwen, follow her on Instagram @hairmetalx, on Twitter @karleonair, or find the rest of her links at linktr.ee/hairmetalx. For The Ladies of Metal Show, follow on Instagram at @TheLadiesOfMetalShow, listen wherever you listen to podcasts, or check out the links at theladiesofmetalshow.contactin.bio. Let Me Ask You A Question is a weekly podcast where host Anthony poses various inquiries and sometimes entertains you…sometimes. Joined by Moot.tv regulars Producer EJ and the Gregaman, Anthony asks questions to push his ideas to the limit and create hilarity along the way. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or leave us a message or text at (929) 352-6173. Donate to LMAYAQPod The post Ep215: Objects of Desire with Karle Gwen of The Ladies of Metal Show appeared first on Moot.tv.
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