47 minutes | Jan 13th 2021

Transforming Restrictive Conversations with Uriell Carlson

Uriell Carlson didn't start mountain biking until she was 19 years old, but that didn't stop her from diving headfirst into the sport. On top of being an incredible athlete, she is a registered dietitian nutritionist, small business owner, and a believer in the intersection of nutrition and whole-body health.

She and Jamie talk about the experience of pushing yourself to your limit, how to hold the multiple identities that make you who you are, and transforming the restrictive conversation around weight loss and health.

Learn more about Uri and how to work with her here, and follow her on Instagram here.

Contributors: Jamie Blackburn (host, creator, producer). Uriell Carlson (Guest). Alex Lee-Ammons and For The Love Media (Producer, Editor, Cover Art and Design). Original music by Sounds Like Sander.

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