7 minutes | Dec 6th 2019

Alistair Croll – “To use artificial intelligence fairly, we need to invent new methods of trust”

https://thecamp.fr/news/alistair-croll-use-artificial-intelligence-fairly-we-need-invent-new-methods-trust “My friend is a nurse, and one day I was typing that into my phone. I typed, “my friend is a nurse and” – and the phone showed me three possible next words. Two of those words were “she”, and “she’s”. This made me wonder, because I didn’t tell the phone that my friend was female. On the one hand, that’s a really good prediction, because 87% of nurses in North America, where I live, are female. On the other hand, it’s a pretty biased prediction because we don’t want the world to have assumptions about what jobs a man or a woman can do. Most of these words are trained off newspaper stories and publications from the last 50 years. And if we want the future to look like the world 50 years ago, that’s probably a good way to do things. But the world 50 years ago wasn’t a very good place.”