12 minutes | Oct 4th 2019

Alan Fitsimmons – “Asteroids are time capsules from our solar system” [EN]

Alan Fitsimmons is an astronomer working on the Hera project with the European Space Agency, a mission to learn how to deflect an asteroid that's on a collision course with the Earth. “I'm standing on the lip of this huge hole [Meteor Crater], over a kilometer across, several hundred meters deep, formed when, 49,000 years ago, a small asteroid, only 50 meters across, entered our atmosphere, reached the ground, exploded with the force of many, many nuclear weapons and made this crater. And I thought, wow, this is incredible. I knew asteroids were important, and they are important scientifically. I thought, this is also important. How often does this happen? How many of these things are there out there?” To learn more about this episode: https://thecamp.fr/news/ian-carnelli-alan-fitsimmons-could-humans-prevent-asteroid-hitting-earth To learn more about thecamp: https://thecamp.fr