76 minutes | Dec 23, 2020

Yuletide Tales Part 1

This week on Legends & Spirits is Part 1 of our very special holiday edition: Yuletide Tales! We’ll deck the halls with old seasonal folklore, so spooky it’s sure to scare your jingle bells off. For our Macabre Mixology, we’re batching up our very favorite nog-knock-off to warm your heart (and reduce your phlegm). We’ll also have a guest on our show tonight who’s celebrating over 600 years of terrifying children into good holiday behavior...hope she fits in our studio!Happy Holidays!Visit us: legendsandspiritspodcast.comInstagram: legends_and_spirits_podcastTwitter: Legends and Spirits PodcastFacebook: Legends & Spirits PodcastPatreon: patreon.com/legendsandspiritspodcast Email us: cheers@legendsandspiritspodcast.com Artwork by: zombienose.comMusic by: Burton Bumgarner, Ken PetersFull credit list and references at: legendsandspiritspodcast.comTips (via PayPal) are always appreciated:  TIP JAR
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