31 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

BILLY THE KID Ep. 3 | “The Machine”

Tensions mount as Jimmy Dolan discovers the method he will use to destroy John Tunstall and Alex McSween. With support from the Santa Fe ring, Dolan begins to dismantle Tunstall's operation. Henry "Kid" Antrim transforms himself into William H. Bonney. He rides with Jesse Evans' outlaw gang, but as war looms in Lincoln County, Billy switches sides and joins the men who will soon form a legendary posse.Join Black Barrel+ for bingeable seasons with no commercials: blackbarrel.supportingcast.fm/joinFor more details, visit our website www.blackbarrelmedia.com and check out our social media pages. We’re @OldWestPodcast on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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