30 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

Throwback Episode – Episode 6 Dark Watchers and Old Finch Road

Life is crazy and as such, tonight Leslie and J present a throwback episode that is no longer available on many podcatchers. It is one of the favorites in the many recordings over the years. Partly because it is one of the early episodes and secondly what happened after the podcast ended. J talks about the Dark Watchers in doing so, Leslie mentions the Mirror Men from the podcast Monsters Among Us. That night, J heads home to an empty apartment and heads right back out to a friend’s house, creeped out about the Mirror Men. Meanwhile, Leslie locks herself in the bathroom when she hears strange noises outside. So grab your coffee, lock the doors, and listen to these Legends in the Dark. Don’t worry, we will be back soon with a new format, and all new stories. Thank you for listening!!!
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