24 minutes | Dec 23, 2019

EP97: 6 Simple Ways to Feel More Confident

If you’re like a lot of my clients, you doubt yourself all the time. When you enter a new stage of your business, everything feels terrifying. “Confident” is the last thing that you feel when you’re setting up your business, stepping out of your comfort zone, or trying new things. When it comes to confidence, we don’t always feel like we have it, but we all desperately need it and want it. In this episode, you’ll learn 6 simple techniques to help you feel more confident during those times when you’re not feeling so confident.   In this episode, Lisa shares: What the “fraud factor” is and why we all have sleep-depriving fears and worries  What happens when you begin to show up confidently and professionally in your work Why Lisa believes the solar plexus chakra aligns with being confident and empowered 6 Simple Techniques to Feel More Confident Right Now Technique 1: Stop Beating Yourself Up Technique 2: Remember Who You Are Technique 3: Celebrate Your Wins  Technique 4: Resource Your Feelings by Borrowing Them from the Past Technique 5: Fake It ’Til You Make It Technique 6: Practice Taking Small Steps Right Out of Your Comfort Zone Why it’s important to remember that “there’s no such thing as failure in business, only feedback”    Resources:Easy Legal Steps - download the first book chapter free! Episode 78 - Do Your Business Policies Reflect Your Values?
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