35 minutes | Dec 9, 2019

EP95: Ixchel Lara on How to Drown Out the Noise to Hear Your True Self

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve most likely dealt with criticism from others and from within. It’s so easy to let that negative noise make you question everything you’re doing instead of trusting yourself.   For this episode, I talk with my gifted coach and spiritual healer Ixchel Lara. Over the past 6 years, Ixchel has watched me grow in my business, move blocks out of my way and really get to know my “true self”. You’ll learn how to dive deep into who you really are and drown out the noise of any fears, blocks and limitations you have. You’ll also learn two key benefits of listening to your true self and daily practices to connect to this part of yourself to guide you forward.   More about Ixchel Lara: Ixchel Lara is soul-centric coach, alternative therapist, and midwife to embodiment. She helps spiritual seekers crack open their true selves so that they can live a life of deep meaning, purpose and inspiration. Ixchel is committed to everyone having a bone-knowing of what they're truly capable of and allowing their divine pulse to emerge into the material world. Hundreds of clients from all over the world have experienced her integrative approach to self mastery and spirituality. You can find out more at her digital casa, Anima, at xoanima.com.   In this episode, Lisa and Ixchel share: What your “true self” is versus your “false self”  The multiple levels of fears, blocks, and limitations: energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual - and how to move through them Learning to be aware of your body The practice of differentiating between your true self and false self Why you should be gentle with yourself and work with a teacher/mentor/energy worker    Two key benefits of listening to your true self to live in better alignment   Different daily practices to drown out the noise and connect with your true self to guide you forward   Resources:Easy Legal Steps - download the first book chapter free!
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