17 minutes | Nov 18, 2019

EP92: The Divine Nudge That Saved Me From the Las Vegas Shooting

Do you follow Divine Nudges in your life or your business? Do you tune into your intuition to guide you when you’re making decisions? Do you ever have powerful intuitive messages that you followed and you later it protected you from harm? That’s exactly what happened to me. This episode is inspired by Chapter 6 of my book Easy Legal Steps and also a very personal story actually being in Las Vegas during the shooting and the Divine Nudge saved my husband Scott and me from being harmed.   In this episode, Lisa shares:  Why for most of her life Lisa didn’t think that spirituality and logic could co-exist. What the “Divine Nudge” was that Lisa received and what prompted her to listen to it. Where Lisa was just two hours before the Las Vegas Shooting occurred. How Lisa’s family and friends reacted to the news of the Shooting. Lisa’s experience leaving Vegas the morning after the Shooting. Why Lisa believes the Universe gave her a “Divine Nudge” and protected Scott and her from harm.  Lisa’s reflection on talking with reporters about the tragic event in Las Vegas. Resources:Easy Legal Steps - download the first book chapter free!   Mentions: Las Vegas Las Vegas Shooting Carolin Soldo’s “From Passion to Profits” Live Event  Bellagio Hotel Grand Canyon  Aria Hotel Shark Tank Paris Hotel Planet Hollywood Christina Neuner Heather Jernigan  Crystal Honeycutt Uber Mandalay Bay Hotel JetBlue Chantelle Adams Marlo Ellis Stratosphere MSNBC CNN
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