20 minutes | Oct 21, 2019

EP88: 2 Big Risks When Doing a Trademark Search

The first step to Trademarking your brand is to do a Trademark Search. The purpose of a Trademark Search is to identify potential conflicts with existing registered Trademarks so you can assess whether it’s wise to move forward with a Trademark Application. I recommend that you have an attorney help you with the Trademark Search, but clients often ask me, “What are the risks if I do a Trademark Search on my own?” In today’s episode, we’ll identify the 2 biggest risks to watch for when doing a Trademark Search on your own.   In this episode, Lisa shares:  What a Trademark is and how it protects you The main benefit of Trademarking 2 big risks of doing a Trademark Search on your own  What can happen if you rely solely on an “initial search” in the USPTO database Why what is “confusingly similar” to the USPTO might not be apparent to you Why I recommend having a lawyer experienced in Trademarking help you with a Trademark Search  Why I believe having a Trademark is a “crown jewel” for a small business owner    Resources:Easy Legal Steps - download the first book chapter free! Episode 7—What You Should Trademark Episode 48 - 3 Reasons to Trademark Episode 25 - How to Trademark in 2 Steps: The Search and the Application  Mentions: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office USPTO Trademark Database (TESS) Oprah Maya Angelou  
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