36 minutes | Sep 16, 2019

EP83: Belinda Ginter on How to Create a Millionaire Mindset

Ask business owners if they want to earn a million dollars and chances are they’ll say “Yes!” However, as humans, we are hard-wired to let our subconscious minds drive our actions which can prevent us from achieving what we truly want and deserve. In this episode, I talk with Belinda Ginter, Emotional Kinesiologist and Mindset Expert, about common issues surrounding our relationship with money including imposter syndrome and the effect of money on relationships. Belinda shares practical ways to remove emotional blocks so you can be free to embrace a millionaire mindset.  More about Belinda: Belinda Ginter is an industry leader in Emotional Kinesiology & Success Mentoring. She’s a trained emotional Kinesiologist certified in BET and Mindset Expert with over 5 years of experience with 6,000 plus clinical coaching hours, working with thousands of clients worldwide. She has graced the stages in over 6 different countries and all over Canada and the United States.  She prides herself of leaving the crowd better than how she found them, with practical tips they can implement immediately to better their lives and businesses. Belinda's superpowers are her ability to love hard and soulfully hold space for others. Belinda’s clients describe her as being magical and caring, authentic and a true genius when it comes to slaying subconscious blocks. She is brilliant when it comes to mindset hacks and proven strategies. Clients have said that “she respects and loves you enough to tell you the truth when you need to hear in a truly graceful way”. She works intuitively directly with your soul and is able to point out things you simply cannot see in yourself that can be stopping you from having the success you truly desire. Her background in removing negative past family programming beliefs benefits her clients as they often are unaware of what is keeping them stuck. She’s truly an expert who makes a difference with a unique ability to provide clarity effortlessly and quickly.  Belinda is also a loving mother to two wonderful children and wife to Dr. Derek Ginter Chiropractor/Acupuncturist extraordinaire and she has two fur babies, Sir Winston, a Shepherd/Boxer/Terrier mix dog & JuJu, her soul mate siamese/ragdoll cat. You can learn more about Belinda and join her tribe at belindaginter.com. In this episode, Lisa and Belinda share: What emotional kinesiology is and how it works    How becoming aware of subconscious blocks empowers you to remove them       Why you should research other millionaires so you can absorb their mindset Why it’s important to take consistent, actionable steps toward your goals so you can watch yourself expand         How to address “imposter syndrome” on a daily basis The importance of understanding money as an amplifier Why money doesn’t have to change relationships Why Belinda believes legally protecting your business is an absolute necessity           Free Gift:Give yourself a gift of self-love with a FREE “60-Minute Emotional Kinesiology/Success Mentoring Session” with Belinda Ginter. Book a time at belindaginter.com/selflovepromo1. Resources:Easy Legal Steps - download the first book chapter free! Mentioned: Michelle Obama Andre Agassi Muhammad Ali Oprah Winfrey Wayne Dyer
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