16 minutes | Sep 9, 2019

EP82: When Do You Need a Waiver Versus a Contract?

Waivers versus Contracts…. What are they – and what’s the difference between them? How do you know when you’re supposed to use a Waiver? When should you use a Contract instead? In this podcast episode, we clear up the confusion between Waivers and Contracts so that you can know when to use Waivers and when to use Contracts to protect yourself. In this episode, Lisa shares:  What a Waiver is and how it protects you  When and why a Waiver will not hold up in court What a Contract is and why you should put it in writing  How to know when to use a Waiver and when to use a Contract Different examples of when you’ll use Waivers or Contracts   Why Lisa aligns Waivers with the root chakra and Contracts with the sacral chakra   Resources:Easy Legal Steps - download the first book chapter free! Episode 52 - Legal 101 for Fitness Instructors and Yoga Teachers Episode 60 - Legal Documents for Hosting Workshops and Retreats Episode 10 – Do You Have to Print and Sign a Contract? Episode 36—Don’t Miss these 5 Sections in Your Client Agreement Mentions:   Black’s Law Dictionary Venice Beach Tulum, Mexico Florence, Italy 
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