18 minutes | Sep 2, 2019

EP81: Why It's So Hard to Set Boundaries

For healers, coaches, therapists, and heart-centered entrepreneurs, there seems to be one common theme…it’s hard to set boundaries. When you’re a “giver” and you just want to help people, it’s not always easy to create boundaries to honor yourself. Stretching your boundary muscle is an act of courage – and it takes patience. In today’s podcast episode, we discuss boundaries and why it’s so difficult to set them and keep them. In this episode, Lisa shares: What boundaries are and why they’re important  The true cost of overgiving and having flimsy boundaries  How our mindset to be nice can negatively impact our income The consequences of not having strong boundaries  Why it’s hard for us to say no to others and yes to ourselves How using a “mini-script” can help you set clear boundaries  Why having a “boundary practice” is important How having a Client Agreement benefits both you and your clients  Why Lisa aligns boundaries and Client Agreements with the sacral chakra  Resources:Easy Legal Steps - download the first book chapter free! Episode 78 - Do Your Business Policies Reflect Your Values? Episode 2 - #1 Reason to Use Client Agreements Episode 10 – Do You Have to Print and Sign a Contract? Episode 36—Don’t Miss these 5 Sections in Your Client Agreement Mentions: Terri Cole Kripalu
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