24 minutes | Feb 17th 2019

Chuck Surack (Pt.2): Founder/CEO Sweetwater Sound, Inc. Ep.009

Chuck Surack is a lifelong entrepreneur: optimizing paper routes at five years old, building a 725 million dollar business, and rejuvenating several small businesses in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the second half of this two-part interview, we discuss other online retailers (such as Amazon), Chuck Surack's role in Sweetwater, and his other business ventures. Listen to Part 1 (Ep.008) for more great advice from Chuck Surack!Notable Timestamps:00:00 Introduction1:19 Sweetwater, Amazon, and other online retailers4:40 How Sweetwater manages their customer relationships7:40 SEO and internet presence10:02 Chuck Surack's role in Sweetwater operations11:19 Spreading the Sweetwater message and letters from fans13:49 Warning signs in a business16:49 Chuck Surack's other business ventures20:01 Last words of advice TL;DL: At 21:19, I share my thoughts and takeaways on the interview.Connect with me! (links)chazokada.comFacebookTwitterInstagramPleases share, rate, and review the podcast too :)
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