34 minutes | Feb 10th 2019

Chuck Surack (Pt.1): Founder/CEO Sweetwater Sound, Inc. Ep.008

Chuck Surack is a lifelong entrepreneur: optimizing paper routes at five years old, building a 725 million dollar business, and rejuvenating several small businesses in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In this half of the two-part interview, he speaks about the importance of Boy Scout values, how he started working with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Parton, and the distinguishing factor of the Sweetwater business model. Check out Part 2 (Ep.009) for more advice from Chuck Surack!Notable Timestamps:00:00 Introduction2:12 The entrepreneurial spirit/getting started10:24 Business and the internet13:12 What is a sales engineer?16:18 Behind the scenes at Sweetwater20:20 Investors and owning Sweetwater23:44 Growing to a 725 million dollar business25:32 Turning entrepreneurial ideas into a real businessTL;DL: At 30:40, I share my thoughts and takeaways on the interview.Connect with me! (links)chazokada.comFacebookTwitterInstagramPleases share, rate, and review the podcast too :)
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