32 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

91 Nelly Yusupova: How to Become a Technology Creator

Nelly Yusupova joined the Learning from Smart People Podcast to share her insights on how to become a technology creator. Many entrepreneurs use apps and technology in running their business but Nelly suggests that it's time we think about creating technology to serve customer needs. Host Rob Oliver asked the questions that look at the interplay between technology and entrepreneurship.

Here are some things to listen for in this episode with Nelly Yusupova:

  • Why people fear or at least are uncomfortable with technology
  • Ways to "learn the lingo" and become educated about technology
  • Why the cost of creating technology has been coming down
  • How to create technology without any coding
  • Becoming a technology provider instead of a technology consumer
  • How to do all this as a non-techie

You can find out more about Nelly Yusupova through her website and social media channels. She offers free training on her website, don't miss that!

Free Training: https://www.techspeakforentrepreneurs.com/free-classes/
Website: https://techspeak.co
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DigitalWoman
Facebook: https://facebook.com/digitalwoman
Instagram: http://instagram.com/DigitalWoman
Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/DigitalWoman

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