11 minutes | Jan 29th 2021

Learning by Proxy | Podcast | Russian Spring

This is the learning by proxy podcast for Edition 44. If you do not enjoy reading long-form, get the gist of it in about 10 minutes. This time in the podcast - Russia is on the boil, will it just blow off, or will it burn things downBill Gates - The farm real estate tycoon!Oil companies are hoarding renewablesCOVID has a problem with the sunWhen retail investors decide they have had enough of the hedge fund dictators!You can find the entire blog at this link.Would love to hear what you think about it, do leave comments below.Share if you like it.Also, follow me on Twitter @viveksrn to know when the edition drops.What we think, we become ~ BuddhaYou can also subscribe onSpotify - Apple - https://podcasts.apple.com/in/podcast/learning-by-proxy-by-vivek-srinivasan/id1549224213 Get on the email list at viveksrinivasan.substack.com
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